Do I need Vagrant for Discourse development in VMware Workstation?

Vagrant’s plugin for VMware Workstation.
It costs $79.

Sam Saffron said:

The huge issue we have with Vagrant at the moment is that nobody in the core team uses it, so what happens is that over time the template just gets old, crusty and broken.

This has happened so many times now that my call would be to totally remove all references to it unless someone steps up and actively maintains it.

My strong recommendation would be:

  1. If you are on Windows, run your own VM for Discourse dev
  • If you are on Mac, get a rails environment up (install pg,redis,rbenv or chruby)

The vagrant issue is most likely happening because it is running an old version of redis, my fix (a couple of posts up) should resolve the issue.

After the last 2 weeks of experience with VMware Workstation, I can answer this question myself.
The Vagrant plugin for Discourse development in VMware Workstation is not needed.