[Paid Membership] A customer is not redirected to his profile after a subscription despite the «Success URL» setting is configured so

Not sure if we don’t have a setting correct or not, but when we use the trial period button and set up to pay in paypal, when it hits submit it goes back to the main page of our forum and not the profile page. The user settings are not automatically update to the correct trust level and we can’t see any subscriptions set up in pay pal. So something is not working as it looks like it doesn’t set up the subscription?

I have fixed it in the latest version and have updated your site, test it again.

When testing it, it still doesn’t work. It’s almost as if the subscription from PayPal is not working because the group or trust level doesn’t change to the right level for that user as well. And I can’t see the subscription set up in PayPal for the user or for the forum PayPal account.

To which page a customer is redirected now after a subscription?

I have fixed it in the latest version and have updated your site, test it again.

Thank you for your help

Dmitry everything looks great thank you for your hard work. 2 questions

  1. I attached the mobile version picture on here, the buttons for monthly and annual subscription are side by side so it makes it confusing. The desktop version looks great can the mobile version mirror that.
  2. Also can you edit the function so after a user logs in completing the subscription and their new trust level is changed to member or trust level 1, that they can’t see the membership option anymore. So that only trust level 0 can see the quick link to the membership tab.

Please use separate topics for each problem.